Schneider Electric Enhances BIM, Premier Group Rebrands Esso, Interserve Wins York Contract

BIM enhanced

Schneider Electric has announced it has enhanced its BIM offering, making it available through the NBS National BIM Library for the first time. The National BIM Library is the fastest growing collection of both generic and manufactured objects in the UK. Used by consulting engineers in the creation of specifications and designs, the extensive library enables BIM objects to be used throughout a project.

Project completed

The construction division of The Premier Group has completed an Esso Synergy rebranding project across 124 sites for Rontec, one of the largest independent companies in the UK forecourt industry. The project was won off the back of the 2015 Esso Synergy roll out. Steve Evans, MD of the construction division of The Premier Group, said: “Working with Rontec has enabled us to maintain and build upon our strong working relationship with the firm for specialist construction and rebranding work.”

Campus development

Interserve has won a £17m contract to design and build a three-storey development at the University of York’s Campus East. The ‘Piazza Learning Centre’ will house teaching facilities and learning spaces, as part of a £27m scheme on the campus. The project will feature 36 flexible learning spaces, including two laboratories, a 350-seat auditorium, a 100-seat lecture theatre, a 300-seat restaurant, as well as staff areas and offices spread across 6800 m2.