The right support

ULMA has taken part in the construction of the largest sports arena in Poland -the Tauron Arena. The arena’s façade reaches 27m in height, and the structure continues upward to the roof, which stands 41m above the playing field. The roof support structure, with a 130m span, is built on an enormous ring set on 40 reinforced-concrete pillars.

T-60 shoring was used to support the ring at a height of 40m while the secondary ceilings under the ring, being shorter, could be shored with ALUPROP towers and props.

The circular pillars standing 22.65m tall were built with metal CLR formwork. ORMA push-pull props were used to brace the pillars – which together with the load-bearing walls under the ring serve as ring supports – until construction was completed.

Further ULMA solutions utilised in the project include ORMA vertical formwork, BIRAMAX formwork, ENKOFLEX formwork shored with EP and ALUPROP props or T-60 shoring towers, and BRIO multidirectional scaffolding.