The Southern Modular Building Framework

The Southern Modular Building Framework (SMBF) is allowing local authorities to source modular building solutions for short term, medium term and permanent accommodations
Modular building solutions

The Southern Modular Building Framework (SMBF) is allowing local authorities to source modular building solutions for short term, medium term and permanent accommodations

The SMBF is the latest in a family of frameworks run by Hampshire County Council for construction work in the South of England and London. The SMBF complements the South Construction Framework intended for major traditional construction building projects, which is run jointly with Devon County Council and Haringey Council.

The SMBF is split into four Lots, each covering the whole geographical area, but focused on different modular building types. Lots 1 and 2 cover temporary relocatable buildings and Lots 3 and 4 cover permanent buildings with a minimum 60 years design life.

All contractors meet together regularly with the framework management team to share best practice, drive forward new improvements, and review performance, workload, pipeline and market intelligence. “Together, as a partnership, we are committed to giving framework users the best possible construction experience, and to keep improving year on year,” said Framework Manager Mark Thomas.

Hampshire County Council has procured the Southern Modular Building Framework on behalf of itself and all public sector organisations across the south of England and London, to provide a procurement route for the purchase of or hire of modular buildings and off-site construction. The framework has only been operating for seven months by providing pre-qualified contractors, covering any type of construction buildings from single cabins, to projects as large as secondary schools costing over £30 million. “There is no upper limit to the size or programme of a project and the procuring client organisation remains entirely responsible for managing their project using their own project team,” said Mark.

It has already received a high number of enquiries from local authorities wanting to deliver additional school places, either as a permanent building, or on a temporary basis. The Hampshire County Council construction frameworks are ideally positioned to provide that service.

The policy of procurement efficiency and obtaining benefits of scale has been beneficial to both clients and contractors across all Hampshire County Council frameworks: “Organisations generally first contact us at the point that they have a specific project, or programme of works to deliver. We have had contact with over 40 organisations so far, with anything from very early enquiries about projects to be delivered in 2019, to some projects which are needed in the next few weeks,” said Mark.

Hampshire County Council has created and managed a wide range of construction frameworks for more than 12 years. “One strength of our frameworks are that they are managed by a dedicated team at HCC, which has allowed the development of mutually beneficial long-term relationships with procurement and construction professionals in many other public sector authorities in the south and central government,” added Mark, before continuing: “Over the next 12 months local authorities will continue to focus on delivering services with stretched resources. “Our framework will assist in delivering construction projects on budget and on time in a rapidly changing and uncertain economic climate.”

The SMBF framework will continue to develop and provide an efficient managed procurement service for a growing number of authorities.

The Southern Modular Building Framework

Services: Facilitate the procurement of modular buildings for public sector projects