ULMA’s Cantilever Method Bridges, BRE’s Resilient House, Westferry Printworks Demolition, and Other Infrastructure Developments

Finished formwork

The Polish infrastructural development plan has drastically increased the number of new civil engineering projects being undertaken nationally. ULMA’s Poland team is currently finishing various bridges with the in situ cantilever method, most notably the MS-4A Bridge over the Oder River and the MS-30.1 Bridge, spanning across the banks of the Drwęca River.

The CVS cantilever formwork carriage demonstrated its efficacy in spanning large distances while requiring only limited ground-space, thanks to the lack of shoring system needed. Among the more notable advantages offered by the system are the repeatable nature of the construction process and the hydraulic advances, both of which contribute to notably increased worksite efficiency. In both undertakings the clients trusted in ULMA’s experience and knowledge of formwork technology specifically designed for such projects.

Demo home launched

World-renowned building science centre BRE has developed the ‘Resilient House’ to show how practical measures can be installed in a home to prevent flood water entering a property. BRE Centre for Resilience Director Stephen Garvin said: “It is not yet normal practice for properties in areas at high flood risk to be made more resilient following a flood. The aim of this project is to show contractors and householders in a tangible way that resilient repair isn’t as challenging or difficult as they may think it is.”

Demolition begins

Westferry Printworks owner Northern & Shell and development manager Mace have commenced demolition of Westferry Printworks in London’s Docklands, paving the way for a vibrant new waterfront neighbourhood just minutes from Canary Wharf. The development received planning consent in August 2016. The 16-acre site will provide over 700 new private and affordable homes, available to buy or rent.

Hotel go-ahead

The Eden Project has been granted planning permission for a new 109-bedroom onsite hotel. The £8.5 million hotel has been designed to blend into the countryside and have high standards of accessibility, energy-efficiency and sustainability. Its striking, unconventional design features prominent timber poles, cladding the outside of its two blocks. Eden plans to start construction in late 2017 and open the hotel in April 2018. It is estimated that 35- 40 new jobs will be created.

Ecological services

NBC Environment has completed a strategic merger with Blackdown Environmental to extend its portfolio of ecology services in the UK. The deal will strengthen NBC Environment’s consultancy and wildlife management capabilities for customers. As a NBC company, Blackdown will be able to build upon its expertise and offer a greater range of added value retained client work to complement its project work, as well as expand into new regions.