Building success

With a strong reputation established in the UK market, AHS Ltd’s expert knowledge of its customers and its industry means it continues to bring the best innovations to the market

Founded in 1992, AHS Ltd began as a supplier of barks, composts and wood based products to the UK landscaping market. “These were the founding products on which we built the business and whilst they continue to be a huge part of our business today – we’re now the UK’s leading supplier of bark and wood chip products – AHS Ltd has become renowned for much more,” highlights Managing Director, Nick Guest. “Today, we are known as the goto supplier of products for every application from construction and horticulture, to play safety and sports fields.” Its present portfolio, which has been designed through a constant process of consultation with the industry, includes solutions from ground reinforcement, drainage, post mix concrete and road building systems, to tree planting, wildlife protection, paving and fencing.
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Through an unrelenting commitment to serving its ever growing base of loyal customers with quality, efficiency and prompt delivery, AHS Ltd has established itself a strong and leading reputation within the UK industry. Nick outlines that this has been achieved as a result of a number of key factors. “Firstly, it is our focus on people – that is our customers, our suppliers and our staff,” he says. “We know that strong relationships between all these people are intrinsic to the success of our business.” A knowledgeable team of people help to cement these relationships, resulting in a reliable supply chain and loyal customers who can enjoy the convenience of having a dedicated Account Manager at the end of the phone. “This is really important to us, with the team taking it upon themselves to really get to know their customers, their businesses and their needs,” adds Nick.

Accompanying this personnel strength within AHS Ltd is its deeply ingrained ‘any product, any time, anywhere’ approach to business. By listening to its customers’ demands and requirements, the company has developed expertise in sourcing an ever-evolving range of products to become a one-stop- shop for the landscaping, construction and horticultural industries. With its own fleet of vehicles and logistics team, AHS Ltd is able to deliver products anywhere in the UK within a very competitive time frame.

Newly introduced to the AHS Ltd portfolio is the highly innovative yet simple Deltalok engineering system, which delivers permanent and ecological solutions for walls, slopes and water applications. Requiring no specialist tools or skills to install, the system combines patented interlocking plates with vegetation-sustaining geo-textile bags to create a reinforced soil mass that protects against erosion whilst promoting and sustaining vegetation. “Deltalok delivers the structural strength of concrete whilst blending entirely sympathetically with the natural landscape,” explains Nick. “Although Deltalok is new to the UK, it has been used extensively and successfully across the world for 25 years. After a lot of research into the product we knew that it would be very well received by our customers across all industries, with its wide range of applications, environmental benefits and potential to make significant savings in time and money.

“Landscaping was where it all began for AHS Ltd and we are passionate about solutions that conserve, restore and protect our natural landscape. Deltalok ticks these boxes better than anything else we’ve seen; it delivers all the practical and structural requirements and allows the user to create an incredibly aesthetically pleasing structure in any location.”

Deltalok from AHS Ltd was launched in the UK in August 2015 and the company has already received a very positive response for Deltalok, with a number of successful projects completed for both private and public customers. “These projects have spanned a range of uses from river bank erosion control to road repairs,” Nick continues. “We’ve received very positive feedback from each of these customers and we have a number of forthcoming projects in the pipeline for the coming months.” A range of Deltalok project case studies can be found at the company’s dedicated Deltalok website – www.ahs-deltalok.co.uk.AHS Ltd 3

With market conditions looking increasingly positive for AHS Ltd, business over the recent years has been good and Nick is enthusiastic about the future and the opportunities it presents. “We thrive on problem-solving and providing our customers with products that make their lives easier, that enable them to increase productivity and deliver cost-savings,” he expresses. Deltalok is just one product in a long line of potential innovative and simple solutions that AHS Ltd looks to bring to the UK market.

“We think big and anything is possible,” concludes Nick. “Where some companies see challenges, to us challenges are simply untapped opportunities. We embrace innovation, change and development in all things – when we can see that it’s for the better – and we know there will be huge change throughout the world over the coming years. In line with this we will be focusing on continued growth, development and expansion and with our flexible, organic strategy to business we know that we can achieve this. The success of our business is reliant upon our ability and willingness to reinvent our plans and be directed and influenced by the fluctuations and changing needs of the market, the industry and our customers. We cannot predict exactly what areas and markets we may expand into but we’re feeling very positive about current and future opportunities.

“The only certainties for us are that we will continue our focus on improving and expanding our product range; researching the key issues affecting the environment as a whole; developing solutions accordingly and inviting customers to help shape our business as we move forward.”


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