Delivering results

The BRE is rallying the construction sector to act collaboratively now to deliver Construction 2025 – the joint strategy from government and industry. Construction 2025 sets out challenging industry targets that include: 50 per cent reduction in trade gap; 33 per cent lower costs; 50 per cent lower emissions; 50 per cent faster delivery.

BRE, in collaboration with public and private industry partners, takes seriously its obligations to contribute to meet the Construction 2025 targets through its leadership role and directly by the solutions and services its develops for industry.

Simon Cross, BRE Construction Sector Business Lead and a Member of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and Chair of one of its Innovation in Buildings workstreams, says: “As we move inexorably towards 2025, over the past 20 years’ construction’s productivity increase has been negligible (one per cent) compared to many other comparable industries. It has become the laggard as other sectors have forged ahead. Construction can no longer continue its business as usual approach. Together, we must adapt to offsite and advanced industrialised manufacturing, embrace digital technology and up-skill our workforce. We practically must work together at pace and with pragmatic ambition to meet our present challenges and future needs, and in doing so become a more resilient industry.”