First for Europe

According to David Harris, MD of Premier Modular its aim ‘is to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment with our approach to construction, and to generate social value across all building projects and operations’. He also pointed out how the certification demonstrates the businesses’ serious commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

“This independent endorsement gives all our stakeholders – staff, customers, supply chain, and investors – complete assurance that we are evaluating our ESG performance in line with the latest best practice, and that our ESG data and analysis are both accurate and transparent,” he said.

Jonathan Hall, Global Head for Certification Services at SGS added: “The ESG standard developed by SGS focuses on the most important environmental, social and governance risks to a company. This enables Premier to better assess, monitor and evaluate ESG at different stages, allowing it to further reduce energy consumption across its operations, optimise material efficiencies in manufacturing, manage risk more effectively, demonstrate strong leadership in ESG, and enhance employee engagement.”