Green development

Developers Ecowijk and Sogent have adopted BREEAM Communities as a framework for achieving the ambitious sustainability goals for the residential development Ecowijk Gantoise in Ghent, Belgium. The site, which has had a rich history in sports for more than 150 years, was sold to developers Ecowijk and Sogent, who in turn agreed on an ambitious project brief for an econeighbourhood that they will develop together.

The use of BREEAM Communities was announced by one of the developers saying: “BREEAM Communities is put forward as a development tool, instead of an assessment tool, to master and manage the broad scale of topics related to sustainable development without limiting creativity.”

Ghent-based property consultant and BREEAM assessor Bopro added: “Our clients integrated our assessment team and the BREEAM Communities methodology early on, recognising the potential of the scheme as a management tool to master the challenging ambitions. A special effort was made for the extensive consultation of all stakeholders, which in turn motivated the City of Ghent to recognise the project and its development process as an exemplary project for new residential developments.”